Agreement Company Car

Use our business car guidelines as a starting point, as you may need to change certain perimeters to meet your company`s requirements. We recommend that legal advisors review your company car policies after closing to ensure compliance. The granting of a company car is intended only for work purposes, for those who need a company car according to their daily responsibilities and for those who must receive a car as an advantage. A Driver Safety Directive sets out specific rules for people who use cars from a company or organisation. They often require regular vehicle maintenance, seat belts and prohibit the use of mobile phones, alcohol and medications that impair the ability to drive. The “Company Car” clause appears in executive employment agreements as a secondary benefit to the executive. The clause provides either that management benefits from a company car and sometimes for personal use, or a monthly allowance covering car costs. 16% of the executive`s employment contracts contain certain exemptions from this clause. If employees suspend or have revoked their driver`s licenses, they must notify our department.

We will reallocate their company car until they are usable in accordance with our directive (a clean driving record for at least [X years]). We reserve the right to revoke or assign company vehicles at our discretion. Employees who are tired and/or sick should avoid driving if they feel that their ability to drive is impaired. In the event of illness during a business trip requiring the use of a company car, staff should take regular breaks during the trip or, if necessary, request accommodation options from staff in need. In most cases, our company will determine which employees will be assigned to company cars. Employees who are not assigned to company cars, but who think they need them, can discuss them with their supervisor or consult our Human Resources Department (HR).] ABC Productions expects its employees to follow the rules with company cars. For example: ABC Production will make reasonable arrangements to help employees with disabilities, and employees with disabilities will also be entitled to company cars and parking lots. However, employees who take medication that strongly influences their reflexes, sense of sight or orientation should not have a service car. No, employees must meet certain criteria to qualify for a company vehicle. For example, they first need a valid driver`s license and a clean ticket for a period of time. This directive applies to all our employees who have the right to obtain a company car and those who drive one as part of their daily work. If an employee does not comply with our guidelines on company cars, there will be disciplinary consequences.

If an employee commits a minor offence, for example. B an unauthorized person drives the company car, we can reprimand and revoke the company car. Make your company car policies or other policies for all your employees available anytime and anywhere! If an employee needs to verify a policy or submit a car accident report form or maintenance report, they can refer to the application instead of a complicated and tedious paper form.