Coba Collective Bargaining Agreement

Eight of the city`s uniformed unions have signed a three-year contract with Blasio`s administration, which will guarantee their members a pay increase of about 8% for the duration of the agreement, as the Daily News has learned. Uniformed unions are part of a coalition that, a few months ago, began negotiations peacefully with the city`s Industrial Relations Office. The coalition includes the Correction Officers Benevolent Association, of which President Elias Husamudeen is the spokesperson, as well as two other unions in the Corrections Department that cover captains and supervisors. Joint efforts include police unions, captains and lieutenants, the uniformed firefighters` union and two health workers` unions. “It`s a good way for all our members to start the holidays,” he said. The coalition was formed a few months ago with 13 unions, but some, including the Detectives Endowment Association, decided to withdraw. The Police Benevolent Association, which represented the city`s rank and file officers, was never part of the group. He shot him down, and the coalition managed to pass the 1% difference on the civil agreement that Husamudeen had successfully negotiated to start the first day of retroactive agreements. “There is no zero or donations in this agreement,” the union leader said. “There`s about an 8% wage increase, and once we negotiate longevity, pensions and stuff, it`s probably going to be worth more.” The coalitions decided not to wait for the PBA to stop and to move forward with the city to get their own terms.

Conditions largely follow the economic increases contained in the reflection contracts with civil unions – 2.2%, 2.5% and 3% per year – but they also include a 1% difference for uniformed workers, Husamudeen said. The agreement applies retroactively to each of the eight participating unions and covers only salaries. Each union will continue to negotiate individually with the town hall on issues that are unique to its members. The president of the Association of Correctives, Elias Husamudeen, is the spokesman for a coalition of eight uniformed unions in the city that have signed a three-year contract with the Blasio government. (Go Nakamura for New York Daily News) The Blasio mayor`s team first insisted that a 43-month deal would mean seven months of zero increase, Husamudeen said. The PBA is on the way to arbitration next month to try to secure a contract with the city after months of unresolved discussions.