Types Of Telework Agreements

If the question of the potential effectiveness of the agreement arises, a supervisor may consider allowing the worker to telework on a pilot basis. A supervisor should set an audit period beyond which a decision on telework in progress can be made. For each agency wishing to resume or strengthen its telework policy, two main objectives must be taken into account: note: Consider verifying the effectiveness of telework agreements during the performance evaluation process. Agencies have discretion to submit their own findings of suitability to workers to the needs of the business, taking into account the specific requirements outlined in the legislation. In these decisions, the various agencies are in the best position to define what it means to “ensure that telework does not affect the performance of staff or the activity of agencies.” Once it has been established that the application can be approved, it is time to document the telework agreement. While agencies can offer their own telework training program to employees, OPM has proposed and will continue to offer basic telework training modules (telework 101) to employees and executives. If necessary, OPM checks these modules to update information and improve the format and learning experience for participants. Special training for executives is also provided through OPM`s Eastern and Western Management Development Centre. In particular with regard to the implementation of the programme, a telework policy should include: the supervisory authorities must define the feasibility of a proposed telework agreement before approving it. The agreement must benefit the employee without the superior, team or department imposing excessive burdens or inchaving additional costs. Appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that university property is used in accordance with GSP 47.2, for the personal use of academic institutions, computers and equipment by university staff. This includes compliance with all software licensing agreements.

The security and confidentiality of academic records must also be preserved. Sensitive data should not be stored on a computer or device, but must be retrieved via secure SAR technology. Among these references, an agency is required to determine the administrative work week, including the number of hours an employee works each day. An employee works z.B 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, a work day is defined as 8 hours. Therefore, a worker would have to be absent every 8 hours for more than 5 days in a calendar year to be considered ineligible under the law. For an employee who works on a compressed work schedule of 4 to 10 days per week, a work day is defined as 10 hours and the employee should be absent for every 10 hours for more than 5 different days in a calendar year, so as not to be eligible for telework.