Umass Agreement Amherst

However, many UMass Amherst contracts have 90-day waiting times. For example, a research contract with the American arm of the Belgian chemical company Solvay receives at least 30 days` notice of a proposed disclosure of the research results. The company can then request an additional 30 days for the publication verification and an additional 30 days to prepare and file a patent application. “Show social responsibility by following public health policies in local businesses, public places and all public transport,” the agreement states. “Show compassion, caring and respect for other members of the community.” If students are concerned about meeting the expectations set out in the agreement, they are asked to report them to the Staff of the Residence Education, the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office, the Dean of Students or their respective Academic Dean. Students are also encouraged to seek the help, resources and support of the university and community staff “in these difficult times.” Laura Haas, the dean of the College of Information and Computer Sciences, for example, heads the steering committee of the university`s research agreement with IBM with an IBM representative. Haas worked at IBM for 36 years before joining UMass and currently owns shares in IBM, as indicated in the financial statement of interest she filed this year with the state ethics committee. The university`s contract with IBM even publishes the theme of the research carried out. According to the agreement, “UMass and IBM want to collaborate on various joint research and development projects in the field of research (redacted).” As described in the “Protect Yourself” section of the agreement, students should take a COVID-19 test before arriving on campus or upon arrival, if they wish, and if they have symptoms or have been informed that they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. Students should monitor for symptoms and report to the university health services if they have symptoms. Malone worked as a visiting researcher at the chemical company DuPont, which merged with Dow Chemical in 2017. Dow has entered into a research agreement with UMass Amherst, as well as BASF, where Malone has previously done consulting or teaching work, as its website has designed the UMass faculty.

Throughout his career, Malone has also provided important advice to the private sector. According to his recent declaration of financial interest with the state ethics committee, in 2019 he did between $40,000 and $60,000 in consulting with The Chemours Company FC – a chemical activity that was relocated from DuPont in 2015. It is also unclear whether research agreements are likely to create conflicts of interest.