Yukon Government Collective Agreement 2019

You can ask Geick (but he won`t answer, I tried) how much actually vote on this contract, I guess about 5% of the members can vote during the small window of time, given the lack of information and the requirement to be in the city. Why not send a ballot to each member and send it back? Personally, I would rather get out of the union and keep my 2k in annual fees than let these guys “collectively negotiate” on my behalf. Each contract over the past 20 years has pushed members backwards economically. I am not in favour of this proposed treaty. Steve Geick, President of the Yukon Employees Union, speaks at a press conference in Whitehorse on December 18, 2018. According to Geick, a new collective agreement between the Yukon government and the Yukon Workers` Union will allow Yukon workers to take up to 48 hours of paid leave if they experience workplace trauma. (Crystal Schick/Yukon News file) It also consolidates the continuation of the cumulative severance pay, which provides members with one week`s salary for each year worked after they leave the Yukon government. About 4,000 members of the Yukon Workers` Union will vote this week on whether to accept a new three-year collective agreement. The allocation of staff in the 2019-20 territorial budget is $557.6 million, or 37 per cent of the $1.5 billion budget. This does not include Yukon College staff or territorial hospitals. Canada`s inflation rate has increased from 2.4% to 2%, and this 1.75% increase does not even cover regular increases in the cost of living.

I have never been a government employee or a trade unionist, but please enlighten me if you have someone you pay to negotiate for you and to have your best interest, how do you explain that? Let`s not forget, if you are a property owner, your property tax also increases just 2.3%… 37% of Yukon`s total budget is spent annually on YEU salaries. Yukon government staff pool grows every year. Yukon will certainly be heading for a huge recession in a short period of time. The government is currently reviewing the Health and Social Services Division to reduce all of its spending each year. This revision should identify ways to significantly reduce spending. In this case, all other departments will also have to reduce spending. Don`t cut services for Yukoners. Instead, the members of the European UNION lay off and break off contact and reduce the wages of all YEU workers by 15%. Also leave a lot of high-level overpaid manager. By doing nothing, ignoring this problem, the Yukon is certainly heading for very large budget deficits in the future.

The collective agreement covers everything from the posted work bonus to maternity leave and parental leave. The agreement also allows “a worker who experiences a traumatic incident in the context of work to obtain leave without loss of pay for the remainder of the planned working day,” says a press release from the territory`s government. The staff covered by the agreement, approximately 4,100 in total, are represented by the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada and the YEU. As with other unions, Geick said the results of the votes will not be published, in addition to the fact that voting members voted in favour of the agreement. “Many hours of hard work have been done by teams on both sides to secure this collective agreement.” The agreement, which expires on December 31, 2021, applies to approximately 4,100 workers represented by the YEU and the Public Service Alliance of Canada. The three-year collective agreement, which came into force on July 15, is the culmination of nine months of negotiations, Geick said. Earlier this year, the experienced mediator, Vince Ready, was summoned in support and an interim agreement was reached in June. The three-year contract has an expiry date of December 31, 2021.

It provides an annual salary increase (5.25 percent, total, over the duration of the agreement, or $16.5 million) and higher work and weekend bonuses.