Stud Dog Breeding Agreement

Artificial insemination is becoming a very common and popular breeding choice. It takes very little time from your stud and you don`t have to worry about logistics to bring a dog into your kennel, which can have complications. Finally, put in your contract the monitoring of the dog and the litter as well as the responsibility of the owner for the proper food, housing, maintenance and veterinary care available as needed. If the dog is not treated properly, she may lose her pregnancy. In this case, you may decide not to provide a repetitive breeding service if the care was not sufficient or if the dog was mistreated in some way. In addition, the cost of studying varies depending on your breed and the quality of your dog. Dogs with health leave as well as titles will be more desirable, as mentioned above, and will be in higher demand… As a result, their studs will be higher. In addition, I must stress once again that only dogs with desirable characteristics and intervals should be bred. If you feel that your dog is showing all these features, then you certainly have a stud farm that attracts the attention of other breeders around the world. This means that you can come until the end of the dog breeding contract. If the farm is cancelled after the interview, no additional charge will be charged to the mother next season for a return service.

The owner of the stud farm determines the number of return benefits covered by the initial tax on the galleries. It is customary for a stud farm owner to authorize two or three round-trip services at no additional cost under which the contract is terminated. The dam can then be asked to enter into a new service contract with a completely different stud farm – the conditions are variable, so that you read the service contract before signing and you understand clearly. When developing your contract, the first thing you want to put on the contract is the information of the breeding dog and the dog; with information provided by the two breeders. This is very important because it identifies which dogs are raising and between whom the contract exists. The mating process between the stud farm and the dam (for the purpose of breeding) is called the stud service. The owners of the stud farm will act as a lawyer for their father (using advertising, networking at performance events, etc.), so that dam owners can come forward and express your interest in the stud farm.