Financial Advisor Non-Solicitation Agreement

So you can`t reach them after they leave and ask them to continue working with you, but you may be able to work with them if they follow you on their suite. However, from the point of view of the employment contract, the main difference between a non-solicit and a non-accounting is that you can continue to be a consultant with the non-solicitor. They can continue to be in the same industry, in the same niche, in the same geographic region and in the same market. The company doesn`t limit your ability to be a financial advisor, it simply limits your ability to contact your clients if you are no longer a consultant in the company. And because a non-solicit is narrower and generally doesn`t interfere with a person`s ability to make a living as a financial advisor, they`re much more likely to be taxed when challenged. The courts decide on a case-by-case basis on the application of restrictive agreements on the basis of what is appropriate and closely adapted in the light of the specific circumstances. Since each case requires a thorough investigation, the Tribunal`s finding cannot be interpreted to apply to all provisions relating to the prohibition of debauchery. Each agreement is unique depending on the circumstances and a court will assess the factors to determine whether any specific agreement is sufficiently close and appropriate to be enforceable. Similarly, when deciding whether a right to omission is appropriate, courts will take into account the specific circumstances in making a decision. Other cases, with similar facts and a similar no-pocher clause, may, however, be taken into account in the Tribunal`s decision. .

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