Format Of Supplementary Llp Agreement For Change In Registered Office

No, the LLP Agreement is not an authentic instrument and is therefore not accessible via the portal. However, the change in capital and name is reflected in the portal. Other important clauses, such as the competence of LLP, the conditions of termination, the notice period, the conditions of appointment and dismissal, the modification of the duration of the partnership, etc., can be modified according to the requirements of the partners and the company. Adding, modifying or deleting clauses may also be covered. As the partners and their status are intact, the rights and obligations of the partners can be modified according to their roles and requirements. Management powers or restrictions on a small number of activities and other similar changes are mainly covered when amending these conditions. An LLP cannot perform activities that are not included in the agreement. Therefore, if you want to change the activities, changing the agreement must be a task. Activities can be modified by adding new activities or product lines, or even eliminating previous ones that will be stopped.

The address of the original registered office of an LLP must be indicated in the governing documents themselves, i.e. FilliP. 3. The LLP shall have its registered office at the address of the registered office and/or at any other place or place agreed from time to time by the majority of the partners. Once the deed has been prepared by the professionals and confirmed by the partners, a corresponding stamp duty must be paid on the contract. In addition, all designated partners and partners must sign, which reflects their consent to the amendment. A certificate must be notarized if necessary. 24.

Each partner must provide each partner or its legal representatives with authentic reports and comprehensive information on all matters relating to the limited liability company. It may be recalled that, where there is a conviction, judgment, order or judgment of a court, tribunal or other authority against the limited liability company, the details of such proceedings brought against LLP for the alleged offences covered by the LLP Act or showing originally known communications are provided in the communication on the change of seat of the registered office, which must be filed with the Registrar. (32) The limited liability company shall ensure that the decisions it has taken are recorded in the minutes within thirty days of the adoption of such decisions and kept and kept at the registered office of the LLP. LLP can change its address for various reasons, and the process is not that complicated. The process consists mainly of intimidating ROC via the forms available on the MCA portal. Once the OCR authorization is approved, the company`s documents can be modified with the new address. He drew the public`s attention to the fact that the LLP proposed to submit a petition to the Registrar of Companies…………. pursuant to section 13(3) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, in order to obtain permission to obtain its seat of “………………. ».. in the state “.. ………. ».

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