Ballarat Health Services Enterprise Agreement

79.3 If no agreement can be reached, the employee is entitled to take up to two days of leave without pay. a) In agreement with the employer, the prevailing rate of pay and all pecuniary claims payable to the employee adjusted by the agreement may be packed on the wage packaging in accordance with the individual policy of the health service. 2.4 AIC means the Committee competent for the implementation of the Agreement, which shall be maintained or established in accordance with subsection 90.10. (i) has reasonable concerns about an immediate risk to his or her health or safety; The working and employment conditions of victorian public health workers are usually determined by collective bargaining. An intern working in the classifications covered by this Agreement shall be recruited in accordance with the following principles: 10.2 In order to facilitate the implementation of the above-mentioned initiatives, the Parties agree to establish a Working Group on the Service Delivery Partnership Plan (SDPPWG) within six months of the approval of the Agreement by the Commission. The role of the SDPPWG will be to discuss, implement and monitor progress in implementing the initiatives described in this clause. An affected employee awaiting reintegration may be transferred to other temporary assignments within the same campus or if part of the employee`s existing terms and conditions of employment (or by appointment) exist on another campus. These temporary duties are consistent with the skills, experience, clinical field and occupation of the employee concerned. (a) Annual leave may be taken in advance by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. Although each public health unit in Victoria is a separate employer, for many groups of workers (for example. B, nurses and midwives or medical scientists), business negotiations are conducted nationwide, with the support of the health industry representative (the Victorian Hospital Industry Association) with the relevant unions. Child Safety – We pride ourselves on being an organization that protects children. We are aware of our legal and moral responsibility to protect children and adolescents from harm, to promote their health and well-being and to support their interests.

We have policies, procedures and training in place to help all of our employees and volunteers meet these commitments. (i) take into account health and safety effects, including fatigue; 29.1 Trainee positions complement existing positions. No existing employee loses their jobs due to the introduction of interns. An employer does not waive the services of employees to appoint an intern before or after that appointment. 5.9 An individual flexibility agreement may be expressed as operating for a certain period of time or during the performance of a specific role of the employee (e.g.B. in a certain senior position). Such an agreement terminates after the expiration of the specified period or if the employee no longer performs the specified role, unless the employee is terminated earlier with notice or by agreement. (a) If an employee has announced the termination of the employment relationship or if an employee`s services have been terminated by an employer, the payment of all wages and other funds due to an employee shall be paid to the employee. The employee must provide all information requested by the employer regarding wage packaging agreements as soon as possible.

(b) The provision of paragraph 67.5(a) may also be made in all cases where there is mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. 19.2 For dental assistants employed by the DHSV or Ballarat Health Service, the notice period may be shortened by mutual agreement. If a dismissed employee requests a shortened notice period, the employer will not unreasonably withhold consent. (b) The deliberations referred to in paragraph 7.4(a) shall take place within fourteen days or a longer mutually agreed period, unless such agreement is not unreasonably refused. c) The employer and the eligible employee may enter into an agreement on how paid parental leave will be paid under this Agreement. For example, such leave may be paid at a lower level over a longer period, consecutively or simultaneously with a relevant Commonwealth Government parental leave scheme (subject to the requirements of the applicable legislation) and may include a voluntary contribution to the retirement pension. (e) cooperation between the Parties to reduce the environmental impact of health services; The proposed new company agreements provide for four annual salary increases of 3% for the first full processing periods, which will begin on January 1, 2018, January 1, 2019, January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. From the first full salary period from 1 January 2018, an additional salary increase of 6% is also due, so from this moment the total salary increase of 9% must be paid.

Public hospitals and health services will be funded by the Household Payment System (BPS) as part of the payment on 10 April 2018. Users of the Healthcollect portal can view the details of this payment through the portal. Similarly, a split group specialist who attends appointments at several hospitals or public health services is entitled to a registration payment from each of the public hospitals or health services that employ him. Again, it is estimated that such a physician could receive enrollment payments totalling more than $3,500. The Department will not review corporate agreement funding review cases unless the public hospital or health unit has clearly and fully determined the nature and appropriateness of the costs considered “unfunded”. In addition, the public hospital or public health must demonstrate that it has identified and deployed all sources of funding and respendable revenue that could help cover the associated costs. The more “localized” modelling method also implies a more direct link between EBA costs and the application of DFM indexing to each public hospital or public health service to determine the appropriate level of additional resources. This means that if the department has calculated the DFM indexation as a correspondence or increase in EBA costs in a given year (or year), no additional funding will be provided in the corresponding year(s).

(d) An employee may take additional unpaid compassionate leave after consultation with the employer. (i) The employer shall keep a copy of each agreement under this subsection as an employee`s record. An annual allowance at the rate prescribed in the table below is paid to all employees classified as food and domestic service assistants (pro rata for part-time workers, with the exception of casual workers and workers who are on leave without pay at the time payment is due), in recognition of the need to work flexibly and to carry out ancillary and auxiliary activities in several disciplines. Roles and areas in the provision of food and domestic (and related) services. The rate of the multi-skilled allowance will be as follows: 4.1 Victoria is a diverse and multicultural community that is reflected in patients and health services staff. (c) the potential impact of the proposed amendment on workers on workload and other effects on occupational health and safety; This is a comprehensive agreement that excludes any assignment, workplace designation or other agreement that previously applied to employees covered by this agreement. Normal hours of work may be performed by mutual agreement in one of the following combinations: 10.1 The Parties undertake to improve the productivity and efficiency of public health in Victoria in the following areas: (a) any risk to the health and safety of employees arising from overtime; (g) An agreement under this subsection shall not result in the employee`s remaining entitlement to paid annual leave being less than 4 weeks. (g) Modernize the agreement by developing and implementing common company agreement clauses in all Public Health Agreements in the State of Victoria, to the extent possible; and 12.1 A full-time employee is a person who is willing, willing and available to work a full 38-hour week or an average of 38 hours in accordance with section 59 (hours of work) at or in the absence of a mutually agreed upon hours and hours as prescribed by the employer. (a) where a worker is entitled to a long period of service, such leave shall be granted by the employer within six months of the date on which entitlement is acquired, but recourse to such leave may be postponed to a date mutually agreed or determined by the Commission; provided that such a conclusion does not require that the leave begin before the expiry of a period of six months from the date of the finding ….